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Fw: Today’s articles on Macro View

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Editors' Picks

Beware The Placid Island Of Investment Ignorance by Eric Parnell, CFA

Market Outlook

Massive Layoffs As A Sufficient Condition For An Extension Of The Bull Market by Michael Harris

Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News by Wall Street Breakfast

How Stocks And Bonds Can Both Rally On Nothing by Kevin Flynn, CFA

Second-Quarter GDP Should Recoup Q1's Weakness by Jim Kelleher

Beware The Placid Island Of Investment Ignorance by Eric Parnell, CFA

European Economic And Markets Recovery: A Valuation And Growth Update by WisdomTree

Market Trepidation Ahead Of Thursday's Release by Markos Kaminis

Market Intervention Has Left Investors Confused by Chris Ciovacco

How Can You Adjust Your Investment Strategy To Enhance Returns? by Christopher DeMaria

Today's Market: Tax Inversion Deals Changing Mergers And Acquisitions? by Matthew Smith

In A Flash, China Looks Strong by Frank Holmes

Daily State Of The Markets: There's Good News In Them Thar Charts by David Moenning

Gold & Precious Metals

If Runaway Inflation Is Coming, Why Isn't Gold Rising? by George Coyle


Commodities Today: Update On The Coal Sector by Matthew Smith


Thursday In 5 Points by Marc Chandler

The 'Sharing Economy' Isn't Hurting The Economy by Cullen Roche

The Great Recession's Impact On Wage Inequality by Jeffrey Rosen

Emerging Market Currencies: What's Driving The Brazilian Real's Strong Outperformance? by WisdomTree

Labor Market Oddities by Pater Tenebrarum

Why Are Investors So Skeptical When Many Reports On Economy Seem Generally Positive? by Kevin Mahn

What's Left After The Currency Circus Leaves Town? by Joseph Calhoun

How To Think About France by Scott Sumner

How Low-Income Countries Can Diversify And Grow by iMFdirect

U.S. Consumption by Marc Chandler

Any Need To Change My Forecast For Economic Growth? by John M. Mason

Will There Be A Recession? The Stock Market's Offering Some Scary Clues by MetalMiner

Malinvestment In Human Capital by Pater Tenebrarum


Dare We Sell The British Pound? by Ralph Shell

ECB Framework: BEEEP by Marc Chandler

Real Estate

New Home Sale Prices Fall For Second Time In 2014 by Ironman at Political Calculations

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fw: Is Wall Street Dangerously Adrift?

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Subject: Is Wall Street Dangerously Adrift?

Financial Planning
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May 28, 2014
Top Stories
Is Wall Street Dangerously Adrift?
High-speed trading isn't such a big problem for investors - but the underlying structure of the U.S. financial markets just might be.
New Power Broker: Q&A With Nicholas Schorsch
By snapping up a series of independent B-Ds in quick succession. the RCS Capital executive chairman has instantly made himself an industry player. He talks to Financial Planning about his plans.
Focus Financial Grabs $400M Wells Fargo Team
Two former Wells Fargo Advisors who managed $400 million have left to join a firm with Focus Financial Partners, the network of independent financial advisors.
HighTower Snags $300M Merrill Team
HighTower has added a Merrill Lynch team with nearly $300 million in assets to its new network aimed at breakaway independents.
White Papers
Exploring Independence: An overview of the registered investment advisor model
Financial advisors today have an unprecedented number of options.
Retirement Advisors
Clients may ask you to explain your decisions if your investment convictions yield bumpy results.
Web Seminars
HNW Withdrawal Strategies
Deciding which account to tap first when someone retires is less straightforward than normally assumed, once income taxes and beneficiaries are taken into account.
Behavioral Finance: New Applications
This one-hour webinar will focus on what to do about this problem.
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Fw: This Week on StockTwits: SalesForce Earnings; 30-Year Breakout in AT&T? GoGo on the Go

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Subject: This Week on StockTwits: SalesForce Earnings; 30-Year Breakout in AT&T? GoGo on the Go

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Market Message

Much of the debate heading into the official beginning of summer trading is about the low levels in the $VIX, the so-called fear gauge that measures the implied volitilies of options on the S&P 500. A low VIX implies complaceny as it typically indicates people are buying fewer -- or paying less -- for put options to protect their portfolios.
It's back to levels that presaged past dislcoations in the markets. It's quiet, too something bad must be getting ready to happen, as the theory goes. The problem is that you can lose a lot of money waiting for this bad thing to happen. The VIX can stay low for a really long time.
In this new world, I'd prefer to look at trends in StockTwits sentiment data on the major indices to see how close we are to a pullback. Bullish sentiment is steadily rising for the $SPY, $QQQ and the $IWM. And it's not by any means overenthusiastic. For example, there are still more bears on the $SPY than bulls.

So while Putin, China and rising debt costs in Europe are reasonable reasons to worry, are they really reasons to sell right here when strong economic data is becoming the norm and the Yellen Fed seems to be achieving a slow QE backstep without shooting rates higher? Our users apparently are voting no and saying stay the course.
Just like everything on Wall Street, no metric has a perfect track record in signaling a top or bottom. It all soon gets too popular and hedged away. It seems it may be time to retire the VIX now too.

Happy Summer Trading,
CEO, StockTwits


Earnings This Week

Day Time Ticker
Tuesday Before Market Open $AZO
Tuesday After Market Close $WDAY
Wednesday Before Market Open $KORS
Wednesday Before Market Open $DSW
Wednesday Before Market Open $SDRL
Wednesday Before Market Open $BMO
Wednesday After Market Close $PANW
Thursday Before Market Open $COST
Thursday Before Market Open $ANF
Thursday After Market Close $LGF
Thursday After Market Close $SPLK
Thursday After Market Close $OVTI
Thursday After Market Close $EXPR
Thursday After Market Close $GES
Thursday After Market Close $AVGO
Friday Before Market Open $BIG

Economic Events This Week

Day Time Event
Monday US Holiday Memorial Day
Tuesday 8:30am ET Durable Goods
Tuesday 9:00am ET S&P Case-Shiller HPI
Wednesday 7:00am ET MBA Purchase Applications
Thursday 8:30am ET Weekly Jobless Claims
Thursday 8:30am ET GDP
Friday 8:30am ET Personal Income and Outlays

Chart of the Week

@Wincreaseteam points out that $GOOG has put in a classic inverse head and shoulders pattern and breaking the neckline higher. Stock is now through its 50-day moving average and on its way back to 52-week highs above $600.

Stock of the Week

Facebook (FB)

As its social network sister Twitter seems to continue to struggle, it seems more and more of the money in the space is going into Facebook. The stock is now back up by 14 percent on the year after a 2-month swoon. Now 93% of the messages on StockTwits are bullish, especially following earnings that showed maybe the 'WhatsApp' buy wasn't so crazy as this company becomes the first truly global and mobile player. What's more, optionMonster points out that a massive bullish call spread crossed the tape on Friday in the name for $1.5 million. That trade by a heavy hitter was the single biggest transaction in the option market that day.

New and Noteworthy Follows

Darcy Keith (@EyeOnEquities)

Darcy Keith is an editor with Canada's Globe and Mail and has followed financial markets for 20 years. He was previously Yahoo Canada's senior finance editor, Canwest's national biz editor, and a correspondent for Knight-Ridder Financial News.

AnneMarie Baiynd (@annemarietrades)

AnneMarie is an author, financial analyst, and technical analyst. She has published several books about trading and studied applied mathematics.

Nancy Miller (@NanceFinance)

I'm the author of The Facebook IPO Primer, a tell-all ebook on investing. I write for old and new media outlets like Barron's,, The Fiscal Times, and more; I have loved them all. 

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